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Papers and conference presentations discussing the theory that the human species displays the characteristics of a malignant process

Why are there so many of us?  Description and diagnosis of a planetary ecopathological processPopulation and Environment 12:9-39, 1990.

Ogle, A. Humankind is like a global cancer - doctor.  The Edmonton Journal, Sunday, October 14, 1990 A9

Is human culture carcinogenic for uncontrolled growth and ecological destruction?  BioScience 43(11):768-773, 1993.

Has the human species become a cancer on the planet?: A theoretical view of population growth as a sign of pathology.  Current World Leaders 36(6):1089-1124, 1993.

A case of malignant maladaptation: Human occupation of global ecosystems.  Presented at the symposium: Why Adaptation Becomes Maladaptive: The Dynamics of Population Growth and Resources.  161st Annual Meeting of the American Association for th Advancement of Science, February 21, 1994. San Francisco, California.

Hern, W.M.  How many times has the human population doubled?  Comparisons with cancer.  Population and Environment 21(1):59-80, 1999.

Urban Malignancy - Similarity in the fractal dimensions of urban morphology and malignant neoplasms.  International Journal of Anthropology 23(1-2):1-19, 2008

Malignant Land Use/Cover Expansion in Human Communities. Presented at the Fifteenth Annual International Symposium on Urban Form, Artimino, Italy, November 21-23; 2008