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Specializing in Late Abortion for Fetal Disorders

These are responses from our patients, their partners and families who have been to Boulder Abortion Clinic for interruption of desired pregnancies for reasons of fetal anomalies or medical indications.

"Dear Dr. Hern and all your wonderful staff,
I want to thank you for all your support and understanding in my times of sorrow and need. I have never met a doctor in my life that has shown so much compassion for his patient as you did for me! You all helped me and supported me when I had to make the hardest decision in my life. Although the pain in my heart is still here, I am thankful I am still here to take care of my other children. Thank you all much more than I can ever express. I couldn't have made it without you and kept my sanity."

"Dr. Hern and his staff complement each other in a very positive way. I was treated with respect, understanding, compassion and support. The staff was attentive and kind. This most difficult situation was made easier because of the kind of care that I received. The privacy and respect for that privacy that was given to me was extremely helpful. I am very grateful and appreciative of the gentle way that I was cared for while I was there. Thank you for being here for me during this very delicate and difficult time in our lives."

"Dear Dr. Hern and All Clinic Staff,
It is important to me to write this note to let you all know how grateful both of us are for your professionalism and support through the emotional decision and planning we had to make on very short (near panicked) notice. Both of us now take particular comfort in the confidence we gained regarding my medical treatment, as well as the respect we received on our decision. Once again, thank you all for your care and support and for our freedom to choose."

"I was very impressed with both you and your staff. You were all very knowledgeable and compassionate and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you again, Dr. Hern. I will never forget how you helped me (and my family) through a very sad and unfortunate ordeal."

"I am so grateful to live in this age where I have the choice to have an abortion. I am even more grateful that people like you and your staff were there to help me. You were kind and invited me into your office before the procedure. I felt safe and cared for. I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for your clinic and, as I later learned, the pivotal role you played in young women's rights to choose for themselves. I just want you to know that I feel that you saved my life."

"We just wanted to drop you a quick note to express our sincere appreciation for your sound level of professionalism and even more, for your sincere human touch. During a time that is most difficult and sad, you and your unique staff were able to reach out with tears, arms, hands and words of compassion. It was not easy, but you made it better. Thank you sincerely."

"I accompanied my friend to your clinic for a late-term abortion. I just wanted to let you know how much you truly changed her life and how much you have inspired me in my own life to help change the world in a positive way. You are an angel on earth, Dr. Hern. I am compelled to write to you because I am so grateful for your work. Please don't ever forget how much we love and need you."

"This was a very difficult decision for me to make from the very beginning. I was scared and confused. When I called the clinic the first time, the nurse was kind and comforting. From the moment I arrived at the clinic, the ladies here were like no one I've met. Everyone here treated me like a real person and took the time and patience out of their busy schedule to listen to me and give me a hug. These ladies took the time to know me and my family, who they never met."

"I am writing this letter to thank you for your exceptional performance and dedication to the field of medicine.  Your superb knowledge and actions have directly improved the healthcare of women all over the world.  I have worked with many medical professionals and you are indeed a very special individual.  The world certainly would benefit by having more individuals like you. You are brilliant, professional, and compassionate.  I will always be grateful to you."



Additional Comments:

"Liked Doctor and staff's compassion.  Very caring and understanding of our unique situation (See our letter to Dr. & Staff).  Dr's reputation preceded him.  Can't thank him enough for his life-long struggle and committment to his career and the rights of women everywhere!  We feel as if he has saved our lives and given us a second chance to bring a healthy baby into it."

"For if it were not for Dr. Hern, we are certain that one, if not all, of our lives would be over.  Words cannot thank you enough but, thank you."

"If you ever need someone to speak publicly on your behalf, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are forever grateful to you and your staff.  Choice is not always an easy decision, but should always be a RIGHT."

Letter (from same couple)

A letter to the Doctors & Nurses of the B.A.C.,

Thank god for your work and courage.  For if it were not for all of you who fight for women's rights to choose, my wife and I might not have survived to make our future family.  Words cannot describe our gratitude and appreciation for your courage, professionalism and sheer love for helping others in need.

Your lifelong commitment in fighting this battle for women's rights will never be forgotten in this family. Don't ever forget the value and importance of what you do, for it is what you do and how you do it that makes this world a better place.  We mean this from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you and god bless you all.  Keep fighting for what is right!